Biophysics Seminar Schedule

Fall 2016 BPH Seminar Schedule

Friday's 2:10-3Pm Seminar 3-4PM Discussion in LSA 1022

Winter 2017                  

Week 1: 1/6/2017     Speaker: Dr. Jonas V. Scaefer         


Multipurpose DARPin Binders for Innovative Applications Identifying Affinity Reagents for Challenging Tasks

Week 2: 1/13/2017   Speaker: Dr.Subramaniam Muralidharan  


Osmotic Stress-Induced Stochasticity in E.coli Synthetic Gene Network

Week 3: 1/20/2017   Speaker: Dr. Wei He


Cell-free Production of Chlamydia Major Outer Membrane Protein (MOMP) for Vaccine Development

Week 4: 1/27/2017   Speaker: Alex Carlin

Week 5: 2/10/2017   Rotation Talks

Week 6: 2/17/2017   Speaker: Jon Starker

Week 7: 2/24/2017   Speaker: Kevin DeMarco

Week 8: 3/2/2017     Spealer: Daisuke Sato

Week 9: 3/9/2017     Spealer: Igor Vorobyov

Week 10: 3/17/2017 Rotation Talks                 

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