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Justin Siegel
Justin Siegel is recently named the director for the innovation institute for Food and health for which Mars has committed $40M over the next 10 years to help initiate. Read this new article here.

Multicomponent-NanostructuresLogan Swartz, a Biophysics Ph.D. candidate in Professor Gang-Yu Liu's group, publishes the paper "Particle Lithography Enables Fabrication of Multicomponent Nanostructures."

Siegal-LabJustin Siegel's laboratory at UC Davis recently published a paper entitled "Biocatalytic conversion of ethylene to ethylene oxide using an engineered toluene monooxygenase” in RSC Chemical Communications describing the engineering of a toluene monooxygenase for the epoxidation of ethylene.

Cheng-labR. Holland Cheng's laboratory at UC Davis is getting a new look at the workings of HIV and other viruses thanks to new techniques in electron microscopy developed on campus. To learn more about this research please go to this page.

Paper Title: Nanoporous Gold Biointerfaces: Modifying Nanostructure to Control Neural Cell Coverage and Enhance Electrophysiological Recording Performance

This was a collaboration between College of Engineering (Prof. Erkin Seker, Christopher A. R. Chapman, Ling Wang, Joshua Garrison) and School of Veterinary Medicine (Prof. Pamela Lein, Hao Chen). 


"This collaborative study applies nanoporous gold as a multifunctional biointerface toward improved long-term neuron-electrode coupling and neuronal cell patterning via nanotopographical cues. Laser-controlled surface features allow for tuning neural response on histological and electrophysiological levels. This, in turn, enhances long-term electrophysiological recording performance, paving the road to advanced neural interfaces."

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