Research Facilities

The University of California Davis ranks among the top 10 of the nation’s public research universities. Located west of Sacramento, UC Davis is ranked 14th in research funding among U.S. public universities. It is especially distinguished for research in the life sciences, having earned a worldwide ranking of 20 by the Center for World-Class Universities. In addition to the programs within departments and colleges, many researchers associate with specialized programs and centers built around a common theme or technology. These centers and programs provide expertise and facilities that can be accessed by the researchers throughout the UC Davis community. Please view a more complete listing of campus centers and facilities, visit here {} and here {}

Facilities related to experimental biophysics include:

EPR Redox Biology Core {}

The NMR Center {}

The Center for Molecular and Genomic Imaging {}

The Center for Biophotonics {}

Advanced Fluorescence Microscopy in CBS {}

Keck Spectral Imaging Facility {}

CalEPR center for advanced EPR {}

The Proteomics {}, Molecular Structure Facility {} in the Genome Center {}

Mass Spectrometry {}

The Electron Imaging Facility {}

The Keck Center for Structural Biology

This center comprises an X-ray crystallography suite, housed in the Chemistry Annex, and a Protein Expression Facility, housed in Briggs Hall. These two facilities collectively support the determination of protein structure using X-ray crystallography.

  • X-ray Crystallography Suite.
This facility currently houses two rotating anode X-ray generators with two area detectors. One area detector is an image plate named "Raxis-IV." The other area detector is a "Siemens Hi-Star Multiwire." 

  • Protein Expression Facility.
This facility enables UC Davis scientists and students to use bacteria, yeast, and cell culture systems to produce large quantities of protein necessary for X-ray crystallography studies. 

Contacts: David Wilson, Enoch Baldwin, Andrew Fisher.