Research Areas

Research within the Biophysics Graduate Group covers a wide range of topics at the interface between physics and biology.


Computer modeling (Fink, Fong, Jensen, Longo, Singh, Stuchebrukhov)
Electron transfer (Stuchebrukhov)
Protein electrostatics (Stuchebrukhov)
Proton transfer (Stuchebrukhov)

Magnetic Resonance
Electron spin resonance/electron paramagnetic resonance (Britt, Voss)
Nuclear magnetic resonance (Jue, Ames)

Fluorescence (Fairclough, LaSalle, LongoKowalczykowski, Simon, Parikh, LiuYeh)
Optical trapping (Kowalczykowski, Yeh)

Diffraction (Fairclough)
X-ray absorption spectroscopy (Cramer)
X-ray crystallography (Baldwin, Fisher, Toney, Wilson)
X-ray/neutron reflectometry (Kuhl)

In Vivo Imaging
Magnetic resonance (Jue)

Atomic force microscopy (Fairclough, KowalczykowskiLongo, Yeh, Liu)
Confocal microscopy (Fairclough, Longo, Liu)
Electron microscopy (Fairclough, Cheng, Liu)
Laser scanning cytometry (LaSalle)
Surface force apparatus (Kuhl)

Mass Spectrometry (Lebrilla)


Bioenergetics (Theg)

Bioinorganics (Cramer)

Biomechanics (Kowalczykowski, Longo, Simon, Yeh)

Biomolecules (Baldwin, Cheng)

Cell biology (Britt, Jue, Yeh, Cheng)

Chromosomes/genes (Kowalczykowski, LaSalle)

Enzymes (Baldwin, Britt, Cramer, Toney, Wilson)

Glycoproteins/glycolipids (Lebrilla)

Ion channels (Fairclough, Chen)

In vivo spectroscopy/imaging (Marcu)

Lipid dynamics (Kuhl, Troy)

Membrane Proteins (Voss, Cheng)

Membranes (Fairclough, Kuhl, Longo, Parikh)

Metalloprotein (Britt)

Nucleic acids (Baldwin, Kowalczykowski, Singh)

Prions (Singh)

Protein-nucleic acid interaction (Kowalczykowski)

Protein structure/function (Baldwin, Chen, Fairclough, FisherKuhl, Longo, Parikh, Singh, Theg, Voss, Wilson, Yeh, Cheng)

Reproduction (Lebrilla)

Signal transduction (Chen)

Tissue/cellular engineering (Simon)

Viral infection (Longo, Cheng)