CBS Biophysics Graduate Group Winter 2020 Seminar Series


Fridays, 2:10pm, Life Sciences 1022

17 January                

Daisuke Sato              

Nonlinear Dynamics in the Heart

24 January

Sergey Suchkov         

Personalized and Precision Medicine via Science Translation

31 January                     

Rigoberto Arenas       

Structure-guided Inhibitor Design

7 February

short presentations    


14 February                       

Mo Baikoghli   

Immunogen design based on surface functionalized  nanocapsids

21 February                       

Wenwu Xiao   

Targeting nanotherapeutics for glioblastoma

28 February               

Chris Baehr    

Transformable Amyloid-Beta Mimetic Peptide Nanomaterials For Cancer Therapy

6 March                         

Aiyana Emigh 

Predicting Arrhythmogenicity: Structural Modeling of Drug Interactions with Voltage-Gated Ion Channels

CBS Biophysics Graduate Group Fall 2019 Seminar Series

Fridays, 2:10pm, Life Sciences 1022

27 September

Diedra Shorty, UC Davis School of Medicine, UC Davis Health                      

Novel Site 2 Targeting peptides Using One-Bead One-Compound Technology

4 October

Roland Faller, Department of Chemical Engineering, UC Davis                             

Impact of glycans on protein structure and dynamics - lessons from molecular modeling

11 October 

Harishankar Manikantan, Department of Chemical Engineering, UC Davis        

Modeling the flow and surface rheology of complex lipid monolayers

18 October

Yoshi Takada,  School of Medicine, UC Davis Health                              

Emerging integrin-growth factor-cognate receptor ternary complex model

25 October

Fernando Santana, Department of Physiology and Membrane Biology, UC Davis                           


1 November  

Dan Becker, Hitachi Research, MA               

Cellular  imaging

8 November  

George Kamita, Entomology, UC Davis                            

 Nano-scale, targetable, delivery platform for RNA, DNA, peptides, and small chemicals

15 November

Megan Shelby/Matthew Coleman, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory     

 Structural analysis of NLP

22 November

Panart Khajornrungruang, Kyushu Inst Tech, Japan

Make measurable the small scale phenomenon on the surface by optical method

6 December

Anu Airaksinen, Helsinki Univ, Finland     

Advancing theranostics with bioorthogonal radiochemistry