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NGRA Fellowship: Congratulations Abby Hammermeister!


I’m superstitious. Black cats, ladders, dropped dishtowels, the whole nine yards. I realize I probably shouldn’t admit this to an audience of science-minded people, but it’s relevant here—stick with me. Another thing I probably shouldn’t admit is, when we announced our new NGRA Fellowship, we weren’t sure what kind of response we’d get. Privately, I thought maybe we’d receive two or three applications…five tops. So, when we ended up with 13 (!), I was both thrilled and unnerved!

Biophysics Alum to receive AACPDM Lifetime Achievement Award

Dr. Lieber To Receive AACPDM's Lifetime Achievement Award for Research on Cerebral Palsy

On Oct. 8, Richard Lieber, PhD, chief scientific officer and senior vice president, Research, will receive the American Academy for Cerebral Palsy and Developmental Medicine's (AACPDM) Lifetime Achievement Award during the group's virtual annual meeting.

Aggie Tutorial Farm

Need things to do to while access to research labs is restricted? Check out the Aggie Tutorial Farm, an interdisciplinary tutorial resource curated by the UC Davis College of Biological Sciences, created by Bruce Draper, Jodi Nunnari,  Lauren Anderson, Andrew Wood, and Hemang Patel. 

It is also featured on our resources tab.