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Aggie Tutorial Farm

Things to do to while access to research labs is restricted.  Check out Aggie Tutorial Farm, an interdisciplinary tutorial resource curated by the UC Davis College of Biological Sciences, created by Bruce Draper, Jodi Nunnari,  Lauren Anderson, Andrew Wood, and Hemang Patel. 

It is also featured on our resources tab.

Plant Cell Study Adds to Protein Trafficking Dogma

A new study, published by Plant Biology Graduate Group member Professor Steven Theg and his colleagues in The Plant Cell, reexamines how protein trafficking occurs in the chloroplasts of green plants. The researchers found that surprisingly large proteins don’t require unfolding to cross the chloroplast membrane, but can do so while folded.

Championing Open Science with the “World’s Largest Citizen Microbiome Project"

With help from more than 10,000 citizen scientists, University of California San Diego School of Medicine researchers and collaborators have compiled the largest public reference database concerning the human gut microbiome.

Released in mSystems, the study is a step forward in understanding how factors such as diet, antibiotics and mental health relate to the microbes living in the human gut. Biophysics Graduate Group member Professor Jonathan Eisen is listed a joint author on the study.