Human & Animal Health

Championing Open Science with the “World’s Largest Citizen Microbiome Project"

May 16, 2018

With help from more than 10,000 citizen scientists, University of California San Diego School of Medicine researchers and collaborators have compiled the largest public reference database concerning the human gut microbiome.

Released in mSystems, the study is a step forward in understanding how factors such as diet, antibiotics and mental health relate to the microbes living in the human gut. Biophysics Graduate Group member Professor Jonathan Eisen is listed a joint author on the study.

Understanding Traffic Congestion on the Shifting Roadways of Cell Division

April 04, 2018

Within every cell is a transportation system that rivals our most complex roadways and interchanges. Known collectively as the cytoskeleton, this system is used by molecular machines known as motor proteins to transport numerous types of cellular cargoes throughout the cell.