Petitions and Exceptions

Petitions & Exceptions

  • Grading Option/Mode Change Petition (GS336) - Request to change the original grade mode of a course to either letter graded or to Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory (graduate coursework) or Pass/Not Pass (undergraduate coursework).  Must be submitted no later than the last day of quarter instruction.
  • Permission to Drop (Late Drop) Petition (GS316) - Request to drop a currently enrolled course after the 10 or 20 day course drop deadline.  Must be submitted by the last day of quarter instruction AND include supplemental documentation (e.g., note from a medical professional or the Student Disability Center (SDC) or support letter from the signing Graduate Advisor).
  • Petition for Change of Graduate Major, Degree Objective, Multiple Graduate Majors, or Multiple Degree Objectives (GS301) - Request change(s) to degree objective and/or graduate major.  Required for all objective and major changes, including adding a master's objective on the way to a doctoral objective.
  • Petition for Exception to Policy (PEP) (GS317) - Request for a policy exception allowing employment of an individual in a student appointment (e.g., TA or GSR) who for one or more reasons is not eligible without Graduate Studies approval (e.g., graduate students on academic probation, graduate students enrolled part-time, undergraduate students, non-students, etc...).
  • Petition to Transfer Coursework (GS318) - Request to transfer coursework from an undergraduate or graduate program or UC Davis Extension/Open Campus to the student's UC Davis graduate record.  Used by UC Davis graduate students seeking a master's degree only (not for doctoral students).  Transfer coursework must not have been used to complete a previously earned degree.  Please review the Transfer Coursework webpage for additional requirements.  
  • Time to Degree Extension Form (GS348) - Request for a doctoral student to continue enrollment after receiving notification from Graduate Studies that they are beyond normative time to degree and must submit an extension request.
  • Variable Unit Change Petition (GS337) - Request to add units to a currently enrolled variable unit course (e.g., 299 or 298).  Must be submitted by the last day of quarter instruction.  May be submitted with a Permission to Drop Petition to maintain full-time enrollment status (12+ units).