Student Progress Assessments and IDPs

Quarterly Progress Reports:

The Quarterly Progress Reports will be designed to give students a snapshot of their academic performance at key points throughout the year. First year students will fill out a First and Third Quarter report in the Fall and Spring of their first year and our second-year students will fill out a Fifth Quarter Report in the Winter of their second year.  These reports will highlight student achievements and areas where they may need additional support. They are not intended to be punitive but rather a way to identify areas where students might need additional support from their faculty PI and academic advisor.

In addition to the Quarterly Progress Reports, BPH Advising leadership want to remind students of the importance of regular meetings with their academic advisor. These meetings play a crucial role in the students academic journey, as they allow students to discuss their goals, academic plan, and any challenges they might be facing. BPH advisors are here to provide guidance, support, and ensure that students are on the right track to achieve educational and career goals. 

After students pass their QE, they are required to meet with their Dissertation Committee at least once a year. The annual report form will be due by June 30 to Najwa Marrush.

Quarterly progress report forms and the Dissertation Committee Report form can be found below.

Student Progress Assessments (SPA) and Individual Development Plans (IDP): 

Every spring, Graduate Studies opens the annual Student Progress Assessments (SPA) system in order to initiate yearly progress discussions between each student and their mentors and advisors.  The SPA, which was created in collaboration with the Graduate Student Association to foster meaningful feedback and communication, includes questions (for all involved) about professional development plans, coursework requirements, exam or thesis/dissertation progress, goals and expectations, and meeting/communication expectations. Assessments are to be completed between April 1 and June 30 each year. 

As a student, this annual process begins with you. You first complete your sections of the SPA form, and then meet with your mentors to assess your accomplishments and plans. Your major professor will review and provide an assessment, which will then flow to your faculty academic advisor for review and final approval. You will have two weeks to view and acknowledge your SPA report, after which it will route automatically to Graduate Studies. 

Additional instructions and information are available on the Graduate Studies SPA webpage and the Student Progress Assessment help page.

In addition to the SPA, BPH also requires student to fill out an Individual Development Plan every year to be turned when completing the SPA.  The BPH IDP form can be found below.